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What is Operation Shield?
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While everyone else is talking about masks, we are talking about community.

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Great Works Alliance is building alliances with organizations and other communities, as well as various biker and veteran groups around the country, city by city. This Mission Directive is designed to assist in coordination of our awareness communities with the protection of the biker community, the veteran community (for example), as well as other community protectors, to back up the proactive non-confrontational peaceful activities. To register your event, organization, and services please fill out the Community for Community form.

The idea: #OperationShield
Our SHIELD will be the shield for the peaceful demonstration within communities. This includes community hero recognition. Use the example below, "FLASH MOB RULES", to comply with current local ordinances, while having a peaceful walk demonstration, block party, campus gathering, park community activity, or parade (not withstanding additional gatherings).

Using G.W.A's listed character traits in conjunction with other organizations and groups in unified support of G.W.A.’s framework, carrying signs, wearing badges, capes, masks, and various hero costumes.

The following is an example of some of the guidelines that we would recommend the awareness community adopt to ensure that we do not have any riot behavior erupt.



1)no more than ten-thirty people to a block moving in the same direction.

2)full on face masks

3)music all agree upon

4)no fighting, just dancing flash style, paintball fights, or some other social activity.

5)keep the streets clean

6)go to the next town and repeat.

Should you choose to participate in this proposed flash mob MISSION, you are responsible for your own civil uprising. Any other proposed guidelines subject to peaceful protest standards.

Stay thirsty for freedom my compatriots. Live long and prosper.

Focal locations:

Concentrated cities of media and technologies

  1. CA. L.A.
  2. CA. San Francisco
  3. WA. Seattle
  4. OR. Portland
  5. NV. Las Vegas
  6. CO. Colorado Springs
  7. TX. Huston
  8. NY. New York City
  9. VA. Virginia Beach
  10. FL. Miami Beach
  11. FL. Datona

Proposals-#OperationShield can be coordinated in small teams and towns. To become a participant, coordinator, or vendor be sure to fill out your Profile.

G.W.A. Proposal -

Team leads, captains, and other team heads/ directors would be able to represent GWA in alliance with their organization to the public through Hats, badges, capes, masks, and material.

They would also participate in recruitment and fundraising on the route (donation mapping) through categories of outreach.

We want to keep the crowd moving to a positive beat through the city/location, having various organizations converge as the procession proceeds, thus culminating in a targeted message of hope and unity. Inspiring and empowering the superhero within.

The Playlist:

The framework:

  • Community awareness signs appropriate for each group
  • Flash dancing with business such as restaurants, music and media labels/labs, providing the music on the street
  • Superheros\ Heroes\ Mentors passing out stickers and badges to others (including Servants Of The People, such as Responders, not excluding School Teachers\ Professors, Firefighters, Law enforcement, Veterans, Thought Leaders, Community Organizers, etc). I.E. Fictional + Non-Fictional representations of Upright-Heroship.
  • Recruiters with pocket vests carrying tablets and other devices to sign people up, donation and and educational material. All of the recruiters should keep walking throughout the moving caravan event, stopping only when a recruit needs to fill out something.
  • Food and beverage venders walking along with and through the groups.

List of cultural representations of the Character Traits intended to be added.

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